The Question That Drives Us

Each of us is here because at one time we felt called to explore our values, convictions and beliefs in community with others.  What might our individual journeys have in common, and what makes them distinct?

Transforming Resurrection

The Christian celebration of Easter Sunday is one of many spiritual stories of death, resurrection, and rebirth after a period of reflection and mourning.  In this time of seismic change and uncertainty, where do we find restoration to return us to life?

The Stories That Form Us

Unitarian Universalism is a unique faith with its own history, traditions, prophets, and practices.  How are we still being both informed- and formed- by our history?

A Joyful Noise: Music Sunday

Rev. Molly Hammerhand and Music Director Emery Schramm

Sunday December 11, 2022 at 10:30am

In the Sanctuary and on Zoom

The Rev. Connie Simon prays, “May we each be blessed by the presence and power of music in our lives.” Our Music Sunday will be an interweaving of liturgy, musical performance and readings in a celebration of the blessings of music at First UU.