Aly Wane will be speaking on the necessity of global citizenship in the age of Trump. Aly Wane is an undocumented organizer with the Syracuse Peace Council, the Black Immigration Network and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. Originally from Senegal, he has worked on many issues from immigration rights, to racial and economic justice.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Can perseverance really win?  A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but it persistence.  Perhaps win and lose is the wrong metaphor.  Persistence will change the world just as a river cuts through rock.  In this sermon we will look at some of the heroes in our tradition who have made the world a better place for LGBTQ justice.

Resilience as Resistance

When disaster comes, so often we focus on the wreckage and damage. How often do we hear about the resilience and perseverance of the human spirit in the face of tragedy? This service will focus on resilience, and how we can tap into our own wells of resilience to resist falling into despair.