A Blessed Bundle of Weeds

As an individual or as a movement, we might appear to some as a weed – a wild plant growing where it is not wanted which sometimes doesn’t seem to fit in with the cultivated plants around it. But freely gathered in a bouquet of covenantal relationship, the mingled aroma of our hope anoints us with joy until we meet again. Join us for an interactive inter-generational service culminating in our annual Flower Celebration. There will be singing, dancing, and anointing.

Teenz Service with Coming of Age Youth

This is an all ages service led by our high school teen group with credo statements from our Coming of Age youth. This service will also include a bridging ceremony for our eighth graders who will be moving up to our teen group in the fall.

Violence Reduction in the Community

In 1999, Duriel Lamar Ryan, Clifford Ryan’s seventeen year old son, was shot in the back of the head as he walked away from a companion with whom he had had an argument and who had responded to this conflict by retrieving a gun and … read more.