Abundance of Beliefs

We will explore a few of the abundant beliefs found in our congregation. Come and listen to our members and friends share their own personal theology with us. – Worship and Music Ministry

Love Is the Last Thing to Ration

It is in our roots, our very history this idea that love is so so abundant that all are saved. That is where the Universalist in Unitarian Universalist comes from. There is so much love in this universe that there is no need to ration it, no need to protect it, no need to save it up for a rainy day. If we truly truly believed that and lived it how might that change us and change our world?


Music Sunday

October 30 marked the 500th anniversary of The Reformation.  We UUs sometimes pride ourselves on being heretics.  And in that we often forget that our roots are deep in the Protestant Reformation.  In this morning’s service, we will celebrate these 500 years and learn a little of the history through the music of the Reformation.