Speaker: Worship Team

Transforming Society: Matilda Joslyn Gage & Matriarchal Wisdom

Worship Team with guests Dr. Danielle Nagle and Susan Savion Matilda Joslyn Gage of Fayetteville, New York was one of the nineteenth century’s leading voices and activists for women’s rights, abolition, and social justice.  On this , her birthday, Dr. Danielle Nagle, Executive Director of the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, will present key ideas from … Continue reading Transforming Society: Matilda Joslyn Gage & Matriarchal Wisdom

Climate Justice: What To Do, Really?

It’s not enough to be concerned about human-induced climate change. We need to cultivate our ability to envision a positive future… and connect our current actions to this happy outcome. Can we do this? Yes- by reaching deeply into, and living, our UU values. Let’s explore together.

I Want to Know What Love Is

Guest speaker Anthony W. Bartlett founder and leader of the Bethany Center for Nonviolent Theology and Spirituality. Tony’s most recent books are “Signs of Change, The Bible’s Evolution of Divine Nonviolence” (2022) and Unbecoming a Priest (2023). 

Liminal Space: Celebrating the In-Between

There is a sacred space between the no-longer and the not-yet.
 A place between the concept and the reality, where nothing is clear and anything is possible.
We will explore that space together.

Rescuing Jerry

On October 1, 1851 the citizens of Syracuse answered the call to turn out in force and physically remove William “Jerry” Henry from the custody of Federal Marshalls who had detained him under the Fugitive Slave Law.  The Jerry Rescue was an act of resistance to an unjust law.  What, in the 21st Century, do we see as calling us to radically defy injustice?