Speaker: Jim D'Aloisio

Climate Justice: What To Do, Really?

It’s not enough to be concerned about human-induced climate change. We need to cultivate our ability to envision a positive future… and connect our current actions to this happy outcome. Can we do this? Yes- by reaching deeply into, and living, our UU values. Let’s explore together.

Still, Climate Change: Lessons Learned from 2020

2020 has been quite a year so far, with tumultuous events overshadowing the persistent progression of anthropogenic global warming. But as a result of these events, the world is somewhat different than it had been just a year before. What effect have the crises of 2020 had on our planet and on ourselves? What useful lessons might we learn to build hope for the future?

Evil Explorations

The ongoing threat of climate change has engendered a new type of behavior that benefits those in the here-and-now but endangers the status quo of the future. Whether this approach is naive, uninformed, or truly evil, it’s pervasive and worth exploring.

Tomorrow’s Child

The sphere of existence to which we might extend our intentions of justice, equity, compassion, and love can be as large as we are able to conceive. Should it include those who will come after us? Let’s explore.
This will be the first service of our Summer Services season. These layled services are more intimate, and take place in our Fellowship Hall.