You can make a donation or pay your pledge through PayPal by clicking on the button below:
Image of a paypal button. Click here to donate via paypal to First UU.

Other Ways to Give:

Cash: in Sunday’s donation plate, handed to the office admin or financial secretary, or given at various events. Place in an envelope with your name and note what it is for.

Check: in Sunday’s donation plate, mailed to the office, or handed to the office admin or financial secretary. Write on the memo what it is for.

Text: “give” to (315) 642-4038. When it asks for the amount, type “$(amount)”. If you simply type in an amount, your donation will go to “Miscellaneous”. Please email to let us know if your payment is for something specific. You can also type in specific funds (e.g. “$100 Pledge”) to direct your donation to certain specific funds. These specific funds are: Plate, Pledge, Capital, and Split. Click here for more instructions on how to text in your donation.

Breeze: Please use the “Comments” line to specify what your donation is for.

Credit card: at certain events, we have a Square credit card reader available for donations using a credit card.

Recurring donations can be set up through PayPal, Breeze, or by text.

A note about fees: Online giving incurs small fees but we believe that the convenience of having online options is an important part of stewardship. If you give through Breeze, you will be presented with an option of increasing your gift slightly to offset this fee.

A note about plate vs pledge:  Every spring, we have an annual canvass, where we ask current members and friends to make a commitment of how much they expect to donate over the next fiscal year (which runs from July 1 through June 30). When new members join, they are also asked to make a pledge. Pledges are simply a promise; knowing how much to expect helps us when we make a budget each year. 

When we receive a donation, it is recorded as a pledge payment if you have made a current pledge. If you do not have an open pledge, we record your gift as a plate donation, whether you drop it in the offering plate at a Sunday service or pay online.

This is all finance-talk and the important thing is that we are very grateful for your donation, no matter what it is called!

Click here for additional information on splitting the plate