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Rescuing Jerry

On October 1, 1851 the citizens of Syracuse answered the call to turn out in force and physically remove William “Jerry” Henry from the custody of Federal Marshalls who had detained him under the Fugitive Slave Law.  The Jerry Rescue was an act of resistance to an unjust law.  What, in the 21st Century, do we see as calling us to radically defy injustice?

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Our Stories

My husband and I are both totally blind and have two Seeing Eye dogs.  Not only have we been welcomed into this congregation, but we are accepted as equal participants in this caring community. Shortly after we began attending the services, we were provided braille … read more.

Lucy & Don

I am fairly new to First Unitarian Universalist of Syracuse. Reverend Jennifer had created a congregation that is a community of friends and faith that care deeply for the world we live in as well as each other.  I have been impressed with the amount … read more.