Recent News

  • Sara Jo Brandt-Doelle recognized as a Certified Music Leader

    Sara Jo Brandt-Doelle holding the Order of Service for the living tradition moments before she was recognized as a certified music leader










    At the Service of the Living Tradition at the UUA annual meeting Sara Jo was recognized as a Certified Music Leader.  Wonderful news for Sara ...

  • Seaway Gathering April 13-14

    Headshot of Rev. Megan Foley

    You Can’t Spell Church without J – O – Y 

    2018 Seaway Spring Gathering

    Come join UUs from across New York for a day of worshipping, learning and connecting!

     Friday, April 13

    7:00 Gould Lecture with Sheila Schuh

    8:30-11:00  Reception & “UUs Got Talent”

    Saturday, April 14

    8:00 Registration

    9:00 ...

  • Gender Identity Conference Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary

    head shot of Bear BergmanFirst UU will be once again proudly hosting a gender identity conference on Feb 10, 2018.  Bear Bergman will be our keynote speaker, speaking on “Three Problems Facing Trans Communities (and Three Solutions Anyone Can Help With).  There will be many workshops ...


Our Stories

I like going to First UU because I know everyone there and they are friendly. I know the building well so I don't get lost and it is fun to play hide and seek. My RE class is small without too many kids so I feel like I can get to know them well. There is a time in the service when the kids go up front to hear a story, I enjoy listening to the stories. I would recommend First UU to other kids because it is a fun place.

Amelia a young girl who attends First UU

As a college student I came to First UU in search of a more liberal church.  Our beautiful rose window which honors all religions of the world brought tears to my eyes and I realized that I had found my spiritual home. This spring my wife and I celebrate 50 fruitful years of membership here.  We are proud and blessed to be a part of this loving and supportive community.

Jerry Claussen

My husband and I are both totally blind and have two Seeing Eye dogs.  Not only have we been welcomed into this congregation, but we are accepted as equal participants in this caring community. Shortly after we began attending the services, we were provided braille hymnals, which demonstrates First UU's commitment to meeting the needs of people with disabilities. We have participated in a summer service and given a presentation to the youth's religious education classes about our blindness and how our dogs enhance our mobility. Attending the services at First UU has expanded our knowledge of social justice, provided us with deep friendships and has helped us to expand our spiritual growth.