2 lessons from ‘Thinking in Bets’ by Annie Duke

How to be more effective in the world through hard work and diligence in overcoming the natural human tendency to sugarcoat our perceptions. Hint: this requires other people.
We can make a first class decision and still have poor results if luck is against us. Good luck can produce good results even with a poor decision. In the long run more better decisions will produce better results because luck will even out over time so the quality of the decisions shows through.

InterPlay Service

This service will draw on the creative and spiritual practices of InterPlay. InterPlay is about playing with movement, voice, stillness, and storymaking to refresh our souls, find amusement, and retrieve the wisdom of our bodies. Its incremental forms enable us to bypass our defenses to begin to tap into the experience of embodied creativity. Community based, it plays with the physicality of relationship, learning how to be full in oneself while being with others.