We’re In This Together

The Individuals in Spiritual Harmony (-ISH) Choir will share songs of sanctuary, togetherness and worth. Our youth will be sharing readings in this Intergenerational Music Sunday Service.

Service of Remembrance

This service and sermon will focus on the importance of memory and we will be lifting up and remembering dear ones that have died in this past year. – Marty Pelham

A Life Well Lived

Legacy is not simply large donations so that your name can appear on a building.  Your legacy is how people remember you. How do you want to be remembered? Is what is important to you really shining through your life?

Where is our Hope for the Future

Our hope for the future is not built in the past but on the present. Headlines don’t always lift up or highlight those folk who are working every day to make this world better.  November 20 is transgender day of remembrance. How does our work create a more inclusive world in regards to gender – who is out there pushing the edges and bending the arc of history toward justice?

Rocking Memory

Why should we preserve landmarks? What can we learn from the memories of free religion and social justice embodied in stone, whether buildings, cemeteries, or rural walls?