No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

Our fun and relaxed Christmas Pageant where all are invited to participate. There will be music, stories. This is an all ages service a wonderful opportunity for all of us to help bring the Christmas story to life.

A House for Hope: Our Shared Theology

“Theology…is architectural—it provides a framework for human life” write Unitarian Universalists ministers and theologians Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker and Rev. John Buehrens in their book A House for Hope. If UU theology is architectural, what are our walls made up of? Our roof? Our foundation? Our garden? Come explore the house for hope that is Unitarian Universalism.

Christmas Eve Service

Dan Duggan and Peggy Lynn return for our traditional candlelight service with Carols and readings. Bring cookies and treats for the reception afterwards

Fire Communion – at May Memorial

We will join with May Memorial in a ritual of letting go in preparation for the coming year.  You will literally be invited to burn away that which you would like to let go.  The service will invite us into a time of reflection, hope, and wonder.  What hopes do you have for the coming year?  What hopes do you have for yourself and others?