Amendments to our congregation’s COVID policy are reviewed by both staff and the Board of Trustees with the help of the data available to us, and guided by our values of inclusion, justice, and equity for those most at risk.

We are monitoring risk based on two metrics: CO2 parts per million in our indoor spaces, and NYS Wastewater Surveillance Network’s data for Onondaga County.

Our Covid-19 Mitigation Policy

  • We ask that if you’re feeling ill or are symptomatic, please stay home! While we love to see you, your recovery and community care both come first.
  • Well-fitted respirator masks (KF94, KN95, N95, or better) are highly recommended and encouraged, though not a requirement. We will continue to make respirator masks available to all comers, and we will also supply COVID home tests while supplies last.
  • Local wastewater levels will be tracked. If we reach at the second highest level “High (50%-75%)”, wearing respirator masks indoors will become mandatory until local levels fall below this level. When masks are required, the choir and groups of speakers from the chancel may choose to unmask while singing or speaking if they have rapid tested negative just before the event. While rapid testing is strongly encouraged for individual distanced speakers, they may choose to unmask while speaking, without rapid testing, at any wastewater level. (The latest wastewater levels can be found here: (Please note: the wastewater-level site can take a while to load.))
  • Multiple air purifiers will be used to clean the air in all spaces where people will be congregating, and CO2 monitors are on site to measure effective air turnover. Our sanctuary’s average CO2 ppm measurement during Sunday services in the wintertime is under 900. With this information, we can infer that our space does not represent a high risk of viral spread.
  • When CO2 ppm reaches 1000 in populated spaces, additional means of ventilation will be introduced. On Sundays, the service usher will assume the responsibility of checking the CO2 monitors; for other events, this task must be assigned to someone on site.
  • At an event guest’s discretion, they may elect to require the wearing of respirator masks during their speaking event, in addition to the mitigation measures we have in place. To support safety and accessibility for our speakers, this choice will be affirmed and supported by Board and staff leadership as a requirement of physical attendance. The requirement to wear a respirator mask will be communicated ahead of time, and respirator masks will be available on site for all comers.