Speaker: Rev. Molly Hammerhand

When Pigs Fly: the Joy and Justice of Big Dreams

Many are taught that the world “is what it is,” and it’s unlikely to change for the better, but what happens when we allow ourselves to think outside of that idea?  When it comes to imaging a world where we can all thrive, the sky’s the limit.

Clearing Space for Justice

The Pagan celebration of Imbolc in early February is often a symbolic time of purification, or “spring cleaning” of home and spirit. This Imbolctide, we explore the power of focusing, decluttering, and redoubling our efforts in the quest for justice on earth.

Wearing high quality masks continues to be a requirement to attend events here at First UU, as the Onondaga County metrics continue to be at the level “high”  All, over the age of two, must wear a mask.  As always masks are available at both doors, and we thank you for your continued efforts to protect each other.

No Limits on Liberation

Poet Mary Oliver wrote, “you do not have to be good… you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”  Unashamedly embracing the things we love can sometimes feel like it invites judgement, but when we embrace the power and passion of these loves, a liberative life is possible.