The turtle is steady and slow, carrying its house on its back. The theme for our congregation in February is “Perseverance.” “What does it mean to be a people of Perseverance?” It means to be like a turtle. Take things slow, and eventually get there. Perseverance is working on small parts toward a larger intention, even when the going gets difficult.

Our Lyonstone house kids (K-6th graders) have been learning about immigration justice this past month and will continue this topic over the next few weeks. We have talked about undocumented people and refugees, laws around who we let into our country and why, DACA, the treatment of children and deportation. It has been a heavy conversation and a good one.

Working on achieving justice in any realm requires perseverance, and for me right now, the reminder that it takes time is a good one. It is easy to have feelings of doubt that what we are doing will truly make a difference. It is easy to feel that things are moving too slowly. We need to remember that we are like turtles, it’s slow, but we will eventually get there. Together, in small chunks, we ARE making a difference.

This song often gets stuck in my head and motivates me when I am feeling like progress is not quick enough. It reminds me to persevere. May it also motivate you to continue the good work you are doing.




This month’s schedule…

February 3: OWL overnight at First UU 5:30

February 4: regular classes, OWL at First, Teenz at May

February 10: Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary  conference at First UU. Youth are invited to register for conferenc AND register  for a YAC sponsored overnight.

February 11: regular classes, OWL at First, Teenz at May Memorial

February 18 and 25: Special programming for K-6th graders, NO OWL OR TEENZ



Our building is bustling with excitement and activities. Good things are happening at First UU.

The Nursery will be open for our littlest ones from 10:15-12:30






Below you can check out a few pictures from our  ropes course adventure with our teenz!

ropes-course-2-2016 ropes-course-3-2016 ropes-course-4-2016 ropes-course-5-2016ropes-course-2016



If you are interested in volunteering in Lifespan Faith Development talk with Tina Lesley-Fox


A few pictures from our intergenerational music Sunday service on creation stories