This week in our Sunday morning programming we will read a story about integrity and creating paintings. 
Our Whole Lives and Teenz will meet at May Memorial from 5-8pm
This week in OWL

This week we will be covering social media and redefining abstinence. NEXT WEEK we will have a lesson on lovemaking and the visuals for masturbation and lovemaking.

Sexuality, Social Media and the Internet

Technology can enrich young teens’ knowledge and/or social relationships in safe, life-affirming ways if approached with care, information about available options, and an awareness of appropriate use. The workshop addresses both computer and cell phone use; however, the activities will not require that participants have either cell phones or access to a computer.

Redefining Abstinence

Participants explore the concept of abstinence, which is redefined as refraining from sexual intercourse (oral, anal, or vaginal), as well as skin-to-skin genital contact. This definition of abstinence excludes higher risk sexual behaviors but allows for the possibility of healthy and safe non-intercourse sexual behaviors, such as masturbation and outercourse.