Welcome to April!

This month our theme is Resistance, especially resisting injustice. There are so many ways we can join together to resist injustice.  For instance, many people writing a letter, calling their representatives or protesting make a big voice that forces those in power to sit up and notice. 

Sometimes resistance can be serious like the legislators in Nebraska who are currently filibustering, and have been for three weeks, so that anti trans bills cannot be passed. Or in Kentucky where young people have taken to the streets to protest anti LGBTQ bills. Or the OGs Against Violence walking the streets of Syracuse to help prevent gun violence. 

Sometimes resistance looks different than we expect. For example our charging stations in our parking lot, our Covid policies that protect our most vulnerable, coming together in community and caring for each other, knitting or quilting a blanket for someone in need.

Sometimes resistance is art. Like the collage sign we made during service a few weeks ago, or the lego series Melissa has been posting on social media (see below for an example), or the upcoming climate exhibit at ArtRage, or singing protest songs together.

Sometimes resistance is taking a break and caring for ourselves so we have the strength to carry on.

This month we will be exploring some of many ways we can resist injustice in our world. Won’t you join us?