In November we talk a lot about gratitude. We take time to remember things that are important to us and say thanks. Our theme for December is Hope. It strikes me that when we take time to remember the things we are thankful for it can lead us to hope.

The children and youth in our congregation are doing so many things to bring hope to our community. Did you know we have a child who emptied her piggy bank AND made and sold greeting cards to raise money for our campaign for disaster relief? (She alone donated over $40) Did you know we have youth who volunteer regularly to make and hand out sandwiches to the homeless, that we have children who spent hours going through their own books to donate them to children who don’t have as many? Did you know that we have youth who volunteer in organizations all over the city doing things like writing letters to politicians, helping with holiday giving, stuffing envelopes, stocking shelves at food pantries and so many other things? Our children and youth bring hope to so many.

This month I am inviting families to try something new. A group of DREs from around the country created a kit for Advent with a UU spin. I have put together 14 kits, one for each family with children preK-6th grade. In the ADVENTure kit you will find activities, games, prayers, recipes and more for your family to explore. You will learn about several winter holidays and have a chance to experience some of the traditions that are associated with those holidays. Since we live in a digital age, we also invite you to share photos and reflections using #uuADVENTure. Look for the kits in fellowship hall on December 3rd.

This month’s schedule is a little different…
December 3: OWL meets at May Memorial, Teens meet at First UU, regular classes for K-6th grade
December 10: OWL meets at May Memorial, Teens meet at First UU, regular classes for K-6th grade
December 17: No rehearsal Christmas pageant
December 24: Intergen Service
December 31: intergen Service



Our building is bustling with excitement and activities. Good things are happening at First UU.

The Nursery will be open for our littlest ones from 10:15-12:30






Below you can check out a few pictures from our  ropes course adventure with our teenz!

ropes-course-2-2016 ropes-course-3-2016 ropes-course-4-2016 ropes-course-5-2016ropes-course-2016



If you are interested in volunteering in Lifespan Faith Development talk with Tina Lesley-Fox


A few pictures from our intergenerational music Sunday service on creation stories