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Building Community with Compassion, Service, Diversity and Spirit

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Are you looking for a warm, open and welcoming environment in which you can share your search for spiritual growth? Come join us on your journey.

We are a non-dogmatic congregation. We are focused on the effects we can have on the world around us, including through social action, justice, spirituality, love and mutual understanding.


Services are held downstairs in the Fellowship Hall over the summer.

Sunday Services  10:30 AM



July 20 “Cross-Cultural Connection” led by Pilar Lyons based on her experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Koutiala, Mali

July 27 “Annual Poetry Sharing Service,.” Peggy Flanders Coordinator. Please bring one or two short poems of your own or a favorite author to share. We will go around the room once and then again, depending on how many people want to share. If your poem is a song and you can play and sing, please contact Peg at pegflanders@twcny.rr.com.

August 3 “The Kindness of Strangers or Why I Hate the Golden Rule.” Jody Brown, Coordinator. Laura Hudson will be reflecting on the true meaning of kindness. It may not always be “kind.” This service will also feature music!





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    Consulting Minister
    Reverend Jennifer Hamlin-Navias
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    Social Justice
    We are a Welcoming Congregation that celebrates and supports the lives, relationships, religious quests, and contributions of LGBT people, their families and friends.

    We are also a certified Green Sanctuary recognized by the Unitarian Universalist Association.

    Join us at a Chalice Circle.

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