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Are you looking for a warm, open and welcoming environment in which you can share your search for spiritual growth? Come join us on your journey.

We are a non-dogmatic congregation. We are focused on the effects we can have on the world around us, including through social action, justice, spirituality, love and mutual understanding.

Sunday Services  10:30 AM




May 3 – “The Interdependent Web – Beyond Environmentalism” Rev. Jennifer preaches. Our 7th principle comes out of and speaks to our love for nature. Our transcendentalist history fits well with our 7th principle. And yet there is more to this principle than the important work of cleaning up nature and lowering our carbon footprint. What does it mean to live this principle in such a way that not just the earth but the people around us are treated as part of the interdependent web of existence.

May 10 – “It takes a neighborhood” – Rev. Jennifer preaches. Raising our children, or being part of the neighborhood that helps to raise children is part of of 7th principle. The children and youth among us are part of the web. How is it that the way we are raising our UU children is changing the world?

May 17 –  Joyce Homan, Diane Jones, and Linda Lowen will be speaking. “Inspiration, Revelation, Muse.” – Whatever it’s called, many artists talk about a creative force that is other or larger than themselves. A visual artist, a song-writer/composer, and a creative writer, will share their creative process. Each of these woman are great speakers, and have great muses. Come be inspired.

May 24 –  On this Sunday the theme will be Memorial Day Weekend

May 31 “Speak the Truth Walk in Love Remember to be Kind.” Rev. Jennifer has spent this program year focusing her sermons on our different principles – one a month. In this final sermon of May she will look at the principles as a whole – what can they mean for us and can we actually live them out?









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