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Are you looking for a warm, open and welcoming environment in which you can share your search for spiritual growth? Come join us on your journey.

We are a non-dogmatic congregation. We are focused on the effects we can have on the world around us, including through social action, justice, spirituality, love and mutual understanding.

Sunday Services  10:30 AM



December’s worship services

 December 7 – Why We Sing. Join the choir for a service of singing this Music Sunday as we explore the importance of congregational song. Few things can be experienced as deeply as music, and when our bodies are used as instruments, our whole being resonates with song.

December 14th – No rehearsal Christmas Pageant. This annual tradition is such a fun event. During service we will read the nativity story while people in the congregation act out the parts. It will be a service filled with traditional Christmas music and plenty of photo opportunities.


December 24 – All ages candle light Christmas Eve service 7:00 pm









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