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Our Whole Lives: Where Desire Intersects with Justice

We Unitarian Universalists have been on the forefront of sexuality education for forty-four years at least.  First with AYS (About Your Sexuality) and now with OWL(Our Whole Lives).  Rev. Jennifer will be preaching on the journey we have taken along the way.

Recent News

  • Pancake Breakfast a Success

    pancake breakfastOur Teenz raised 219.00 at the recent Pancake Breakfast to support First UU.  We had fun, we had GREAT pancakes and we supported our community.  Our teenz ROCK!

  • Welcome New Members

    On November 22 we recognized and celebrated the 10 new people who have joined our congregation in the last 6 months.  Welcome to Ethan Bodnaruk, Alisha Caswell, Klaus Doelle, Bill Pennington, Sue Pennington, Heather Peterson, Jeffrey Peterson, Christine Smith, Jason Smith, Kelley Williams!  We are so glad you are with us.

  • We Have a New Website!

    Using the new WordPress Theme, created by the UUA, we are delighted to have launched our new site. We hope you like it!  The new site has expanded capabilities compared to our older one.  And so you may notice, initially, some blank pages.  We are working on getting the correct information on them.  And if you notice ...


Our Stories

I like going to First UU because I know everyone there and they are friendly. I know the building well so I don't get lost and it is fun to play hide and seek. My RE class is small without too many kids so I feel like I can get to know them well. There is a time in the service when the kids go up front to hear a story, I enjoy listening to the stories. I would recommend First UU to other kids because it is a fun place.

Amelia a young girl who attends First UU

As a college student I came to First UU in search of a more liberal church.  Our beautiful rose window which honors all religions of the world brought tears to my eyes and I realized that I had found my spiritual home. This spring my wife and I celebrate 50 fruitful years of membership here.  We are proud and blessed to be a part of this loving and supportive community.

Jerry Claussen

Honesty is important to me. Honesty with those around me, but more importantly, with myself.  What I truly appreciate about First UU is that I am not only encouraged to honestly develop my own spiritual beliefs, I am supported in doing so. No one is telling me what to believe. Instead, inspiration has been provided from diverse perspectives from the pulpit, courses, workshops, and dialog with other members and friends. For me, I am also inspired by so many of our traditional belief systems so wonderfully expressed by our wonder full chancel window!

Dennis Killian-Begnigno