Rev. Jennifer Hamlin-Navias

Simplifying the complex

 We have committed ourselves to growth.  Let’s not lose sight of the why. Our community is connected and open, welcoming and historical, visionary and loving.  We are the kind of community that saves lives. We are not so much committed to grow in numbers but to grow our love.

Water Celebration Sunday

Many of us have had summer adventures and September is a time when we return to a more “normal” routine.  Our Water celebration is a time to re-gather and re-connect one with another.  This year will be really wonderful.  We have Matt Meyers, a UU musician and drummer who will be leading the service.  This all ages service will be full of music, rhythm, joy, laughter and awe.  Come join us for the water celebration.  Bring water from any of your summer adventures (we provide some in case you forget).  We encourage students to bring their backpacks as we will also be blessing those backpacks.  A special coffee hour will follow and a drumming workshop for those interested.