Speaker: Rev. Jennifer Hamlin-Navias

Should First UU adopt the 8th principle in order to further our anti-racism work?

Article 2 in the UUA Bylaws contains our current 7th principle. The UUA has committed itself to re-looking at article 2 and possible adopting the 8th principle as a way of furthering its anti-racism work. First UU will also be voting to adopt, or not adopt, the 8th principle this year at our annual meeting. Rev Jennifer Hamlin-Navias will be preaching on why this would be a good thing for First UU to do.

What Knitting Has Taught Me

Nurturing beauty is part of spirituality. And there are many ways to nurture beauty. Knitting is a spiritual practice for Rev Jennifer and a way that she nurtures beauty. Rev Jennifer Hamlin-Navias will be preaching on the life lessons that knitting has taught her.


Spring is an amazing season in CNY. After a long winter we all so long for Spring and then Summer. In some parts of the world Spring pops. Not so in CNY – here it is a long slow awakening. A slow coming to consciousness, some slow stretches, a couple of false starts. And then finally when you almost believe there will never be another green leaf on a tree the leaves are there and flowers not too far away. Spring can call not just to be awake to nature but also to ourselves.