On Being First

Why are there so many churches named “First?”  Sometimes this is because we like to be first but also it goes back to our history in New England, and our fifth principle.  Where have we been first in using our prophetic voice?

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Also some folks asked for copies of my prayer here it is below.  Feel free to share but please attribute:

There are friends of mine and people I know who will not pray for our new president


But I say there is no one who needs prayer more than our new president


I pray that in all he does he hears the divine, the sacred in each moment.


I pray that he recognizes each word he utters is important and not to be wasted.


I pray that he understands that he leads this country and serves this country.


I pray that his soul takes long, long drinks at the well of humility.


I pray that each day he wakes up grateful that he is the president and that each day he faces his tasks and duties he is humbled in his gratitude.


I pray that he come to understand that his job is a calling, a vocation, and as with all callings he is the president at all moments and not just when someone is looking.


I pray that he will hear the suffering of the people in this land, that he will come to understand that when a mother is forced to choose between getting medicine for her child or getting food for her child that no on wins, not the pharmeceutical company, not the farmers, and definitely not the child.


I pray for his heart. I pray that this impossible job he is taking on breaks open his heart. Breaks it open to the many many voices of Americans. It is only with a broken heart that one can lead.


I pray for him out of a love for my country this deeply flawed and deeply spectacular country. I pray for him.

Amen and Blessed Be.