The Unitarian Universalist association states “Programs for adults give us the chance to go deeper— intellectually, socially, ethically, and spiritually. From workshops to community service, covenant groups to discussion groups, meditation to marching—all in the context of a supportive spiritual community—Unitarian Universalism has much to offer adults beyond our Sunday services.”

For many members of UU congregations, Sunday morning is our first experience with Unitarian Universalism. We are a convert faith. The vast majority of us grew up in different faiths, or unchurched. Adult religious programming gives us the tools to explore our own beliefs, while forming the closer, deeper relationships required for true community. Whether it’s a new UU class or Building Your Own Theology, Small Group Ministry, a black lives matter reading group or a Social Justice Forum, adult programming challenges and supports us in the quest for truth and meaning in our lives.

Our goal is to offer something for everyone. In that spirit we hope to have something available for the “beginner” or newer members, something intermediate, such as building your own theology, to help those still trying to articulate what faith means to them, and something a bit more challenging, such as wellspring or advanced leadership courses. Wherever you are in your journey, we hope you join us for one or more of our adult programs. For more information about specific upcoming programs please see the calendar.

Every Sunday 9:15-10:15am
Facilitator: Claudia Klaver Location: Parlor
Sitting mediation (25 min.) followed by a brief reading from a contemporary mindfulness or Buddhist teacher, concluding with a discussion of the reading and our practice.
No prior meditation experience necessary; all meditation traditions are welcome.