Without Form and Void

This fall’s Music Sunday will focus on different ways to create music and how changing how a hymn is sung changes how we listen to it. If we are improvising, do we need to be mindful of different musical aspects than if we are singing straight from sheet music? What about singing in a round? How are we mindful of each other when singing together? Is being led different than leading?

Burgeoning Awe

There is something in awe that can be incredibly diminishing and othering. When we are in awe of something that feels bigger than us and out there, that creates distance between us and whatever we are in awe of. It also diminishes us. When awe rests on something or someone else being bigger or better, it also by implication rests on us being smaller or worse. What could an awe be like that affirms us and brings us closer into relationship?

Awe-some and Awe-ful

Awe can be a beautiful feeling that connects us to others, and to things that are beyond us as individuals. However, awe can also be wrapped in fear and dread, and it can be a tactic of domination. What can awe teach us about when to rest and find support in what is beyond us? And what can awe teach us about resistance, and survival?

No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

Our fun and relaxed Christmas Pageant where all are invited to participate. There will be music, stories. This is an all ages service a wonderful opportunity for all of us to help bring the Christmas story to life.

Keeping the Flame

Winter Solstice, the shortest day, the longest night. In Rome they celebrated Saturnalia a feast that turned the normal order upside down. In this service we will do something similar, we will celebrate the longest night by turning our worship service upside down and inside out. Come join us. We will end the service by a bonfire outside on our patio, and we hear that the church elves will bring s’more makings and cocoa.

Finding Awe with Other People

Finding awe – sometimes it seems as elusive as a four leaf clover. Awe isn’t just an add on it is necessary for us to fully live our lives as humans. Awe keeps us open to the magic of the universe, to the possibility of the future. It keeps us from being sourpusses. Come join us for a service for all ages where we will consider awe and have some group activities that connect with each other and help serve our larger community.