What They Don’t Tell You About Change

Emergence and change seemingly go hand in hand.  As we grow and change what emerges from that process is new and different.  But change most often begins not when something new happens but when something old falls apart.  This is the painful part of change and the so very rich part of it too.

Finding Your Creativity

Everyone is creative, everyone. It all depends on our definition of creativity. Where is your creativity and how will you use it?

Creativity – Playing with the Sacred

If gratitude is the beginning of spirituality then perhaps creativity is our living with and playing with the sacred. When we are most in touch with our creative selves perhaps we are most in touch with the sacred.

Being Creative with God

In its simplest form, process theology dismisses the idea that God is static or all-knowing and proposes that God is both effective in and affected by the world. In process theology, the creation of new ideas and objects is shared between humans and God. What might this school of philosophy mean to Unitarian Universalist theology? Is there something there that we might grasp onto?