Loved in Being

Faith in Unitarian Universalism isn’t just an intellectual exercise: it’s “heart” work. This full-length worship experience features a sermon by UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, as well as vibrant music, storytelling, and other worship elements that will help us to grow in spirit, in courage, and in generosity. Join us for this Stewardship Adventure.

Fighting Goliath what UUism has to offer – Five Smooth Stones

Rev. Jennifer will preach about James Luther Adams Five smooth stones of Liberal faith that lay out our response to the isms of the world.They are foundational to who we are as a faith and how we respond to the world. In this time of pandemic and climate crisis one may question why support this congregation, this faith and the answer is support it because of the saving vision we offer this world

Worship Team Service

In this month focusing on commitment, we explore the issues of marriages that are not working.

Rick Olanoff, who was a social worker focusing on martial issues and child custody for the County for more than 20 years, will speak on issues facing those families in the midst of divorce.