Speaker: Susan Wadley

Honoring and Celebrating those Near and Far

Join us to share your art: We will be honoring and celebrating those
who have been lost, and the loss of connection in the time of Covid.

We encourage everyone to make art (drawings, paintings, poems, music,
etc.) about your experiences with loss, both of loved ones into the ether, and of friends and beloved ones who are more distant in the time of covid. We hope you will want to share your art with the congregation, please email in advance with the type of thing
you are sharing so we can create an order. If you would like to share visual art, and can do so, please send a photo in advance to

so that we can share it on zoom and the rest of the congregation can better see your art.

Exploring via listening and seeing how a community in rural India views the Covid Pandemic

Examining and discussing several paintings about covid-19 made by artists in the Mithila region of India, we explore ‘listening’ to the visual messages of art and the oral ones used to explain it.

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The Burned-Over District and the Writings of Faye Huntington for children in the late 1800s

This talk started with a focus on Faye Huntington (pseudonym of Theodocia Maria Toll Foster, my great-grandmother), who lived almost all of her life in Verona, NY. In order to understand her writings, more than 40 books for juveniles and many many short stories, I realized that I needed to understand the Evangelical movement of the early 1800s that is popularly referred to as either the Second Great Awakening or the Burned-over District. This talk presents my preliminary ideas of this linkage– between the goals of religious leaders in Upstate NY in the early 1800s and of Faye’s Christian temperance-oriented messages just prior to 1900.