Sky Williams-Tao

Awe-some and Awe-ful

Awe can be a beautiful feeling that connects us to others, and to things that are beyond us as individuals. However, awe can also be wrapped in fear and dread, and it can be a tactic of domination. What can awe teach us about when to rest and find support in what is beyond us? And what can awe teach us about resistance, and survival?

Burgeoning Awe

There is something in awe that can be incredibly diminishing and othering. When we are in awe of something that feels bigger than us and out there, that creates distance between us and whatever we are in awe of. It also diminishes us. When awe rests on something or someone else being bigger or better, it also by implication rests on us being smaller or worse. What could an awe be like that affirms us and brings us closer into relationship?

To Whom We Belong

This Sunday we will build altars to those people and beings to whom we belong. All are invited to bring pictures or symbols of your ancestors and others that you belong to, whether by blood or spirit, to honor. You are also invited to bring colorful scarves, fresh fruit, flowers, pictures, and other offerings to honor them with.

Maps for the Unknown

Our futures are unknown territory. However, the stories we tell about the future can provide us maps into this unknown. When are these maps helpful, and when are they not? What maps are all of us bringing to the adventure of a new ministerial internship?