Speaker: Paul Barfoot

Bending the arc: The Fellowship of Reconciliation and its 100 year influence on social justice work

Theodore Parker’s observation that the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice has become ubiquitous in the social justice movement. Many have noted as well that the arc does not bend without those who are willing to do the work of bending it. The Fellowship of Reconciliation has been one of the leaders in the work of bending the arc.
The Fellowship of Reconciliation was established at the outbreak of the First World War as a Christian response to the insanity of global warfare. Over the century since then, its development of Pacifist philosophy and resistance has been a major influence on social justice movements over a broad range of issues.
A brief historical outline of the FoR will be given along with some information about the people and organizations influenced by its work. Discussion will follow.

Dreaming and Spirituality

Our dreams are a gateway to our subconscious understanding. As such, they can be (and have been throughout human history) a powerful tool which can be used to enhance our spiritual life