Speaker: Bethany Russell-Lowe

Resilience as Resistance

When disaster comes, so often we focus on the wreckage and damage. How often do we hear about the resilience and perseverance of the human spirit in the face of tragedy? This service will focus on resilience, and how we can tap into our own … read more.

A House for Hope: Our Shared Theology

“Theology…is architectural—it provides a framework for human life” write Unitarian Universalists ministers and theologians Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker and Rev. John Buehrens in their book A House for Hope. If UU theology is architectural, what are our walls made up of? Our roof? Our foundation? Our garden? Come explore the house for hope that is Unitarian Universalism.

This Abundant Place: In Praise of our CNY Ancestors

From abolitionists and suffragettes to Native American environmental activists and Black Lives Matter political organizers. Central New York has been and continues to be a hotbed for political and social progressivism. Come consider how the work of our geographical ancestors can inspire our activism today.

Capes and Veils

This time of year, it is said that the veil between our world and the spirit world is thinnest, allowing us to experience the presence of those who have died. In this intergenerational service, we will explore how the legacy left behind by our family and spiritual ancestors has given us the courage to live out our values in our daily lives.

Flower Communion

The story of the first flower communion, led by Rev. Norbert Capek at the dawn of World War II, is a story about community and joy being created in the midst of sorrow, fear, and war. Each of us has the potential to create joy. … read more.