Bethany Russell-Lowe

Flower Communion

The story of the first flower communion, led by Rev. Norbert Capek at the dawn of World War II, is a story about community and joy being created in the midst of sorrow, fear, and war. Each of us has the potential to create joy. When we come together, our joys amplify each other. Bring … Continued

The Spiritual Practice of Fasting

Fasting is a spiritual practice in many traditions. Why do we fast? What has fasting taught us? Come hear Muslim and UU perspectives on this topic.

(Re)creating Sacred Space

History is filled with examples of people creating sacred space on the earth for the sake of a wider justice. The Occupy Movement. #NODAPL at Sacred Stone Camp. Black Lives Matter advocates blocking highways. What does it mean to create sacred space? What risk is required of us when we participate in these spaces? What in our UU history calls us to join in these sacred spaces?