Choose Your Own Adventure

This Sunday we will be trying something a wee bit different.  We will be visiting another church this Sunday.  This is easy to do with Zoom an all these services are at 10:30 am. Then we will gather in our own First UU Zoom room for coffee hour.  When we went looking for a congregation to visit we found many good options.  And so we each will choose a service to visit from the list below and then we will gather in our own Zoom room for coffee hour and we can compare notes about the different services.  Here are the options we are suggesting:

Capturing the Social Justice Movement Through Photography

May Memorial is hosting Jeff Donahue from the Binghamton congregation who will be leading this wonderful service sharing some of his photographs and giving insights on how impactful photograph is.  Link

Jeff Donahue is doing what looks like will be an awesome worship service on how we capture the social justice movement with photography!

Parenting through Pandemic and Uprising

Rev Jessica James preaching at the Unitarian Society of East Brunswick.  The pandemic continues to illuminate divisions of childrearing labor and heightened anxiety. Parents report they awaken in the morning and fall asleep at night worrying for the well-being of their children of all ages. With increasing economic stress, how to we tend to our families’ spiritual growth when we struggle to keep them fed? What does community look like for parents in these times of physical isolation and apocalyptic enlightenment? Capitalism demands constant production and measures morality with wealth. Grace, on the other hand, is unearned. What does Unitarian Universalism say about grace and how might we extend it to ourselves and the overworked caregivers in our own communities?

Famous UU Heritics
Join The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County (in Florida) where Dr. Dan Lambert will lead a service celebrating many of the heretics in our history.

Coffee Hour

After the service that you are attending is over we invite you to a First UU coffee hour  where we will gather for conversation and fellowship.  And we are hoping that there are many interesting conversations about your experience at the congregation you attended.