Anger in the Current Political Climate

In the current political climate…how do we channel our anger constructively… what is  ‘American’ identity… what does it mean to be patriotic?

Need for a New Hope

Mummer’s play by Julia Schult


Movement as Spiritual Practice

Members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society will be demonstrating some moves and speaking about how Tai Chi affects their lives.

The Spiritual Work of Whiteness: Responding to the Call of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The history of the U.S. is rife with racial discrimination and violence that has privileged white families and individuals over black families and individuals. Recent social science research reveals that most of us–including African-Americans–carry implicit biases that associate black people with threats or negative emotions. These realities can be seen as a spiritual call to … Continued

Social Justice in Traditional Hindu Painting

Susan Wadley will talk on Aug. 27 about Hindu women in rural north India who use their traditional painting style to address issues of social justice.

Poetry Sharing Service

Bring your favorite poem to share with all of us, whether you wrote it or just love it.  If short, bring two. We never know how many will show up and what we will learn from each other.