(Re)creating Sacred Space

History is filled with examples of people creating sacred space on the earth for the sake of a wider justice. The Occupy Movement. #NODAPL at Sacred Stone Camp. Black Lives Matter advocates blocking highways. What does it mean to create sacred space? What risk is required of us when we participate in these spaces? What in our UU history calls us to join in these sacred spaces?

To Risk Growth

Life always calls us to change, to growth of some kind. When we are young we talk about growing up, when we are older we talk about growing deep. There is a risk in this growth, we will end up somewhere we did not expect. That can be scary and yet there is always the hope that the growth will take us places so wonderful that it is worth the risk. What will we risk to grow, to change?

UU Faith

We’ll explore the concept of faith — what does it mean for a Unitarian Universalist to have faith?  Faith in what?  What does it mean to talk about Unitarian Universalism as a faith?   You can read a copy of the sermon here