• Sara Jo Brandt-Doelle

    Muisc Director
    Sara Jo Brandt-Doelle our music director

    Sara Jo Brandt-Doelle has been Music Director at First UU since 2011. She has given private flute and piano lessons for almost 20 years. She has performed in various ensembles ranging from jazz to orchestra to oratorio choir. Currently, she plays in the CNY Flute Choir.  Sara Jo also is currently our acting Church Secretary.

  • Rev. Jennifer Hamlin-Navias

    Reverend Jennifer Hamlin-Navias

    Rev. Jennifer Hamlin-Navias has been our minister since July 2014.  She brings a wealth of experience after 30 years in ministry. “I think First UU is a great community, small enough to be warm, large enough to be vibrant.”

  • Tina Lesley-Fox

    Lifespan Faith Development Director
    Tina Lesley-Fox our Director of Lifespan Faith Development

    Tina Lesley-Fox has been with our church as Lifespan Faith Development Director since 2009. She has experience working with children, youth and parents in a variety of settings. She is also a national trainer of the Our Whole Lives comprehensive sexuality education program.   Email her with any questions you might have.